Colorful Bouquets for Your Wedding

bride and groom kissing bride holding out a colorful bouquet of flowers

Why Do Bride’s Carry Bouquets?

You see them at every wedding. Flowers. The men typically wear their flowers, the bridesmaids hold their own smaller bouquets, and the bride carries a stunning colorful bouquet of flowers down the aisle and immediately hands it to her maid/man of honor. Why carry flowers just to hand them off?

The ancient Romans started the tradition of decorating the space with flowers as symbols of new beginnings, and wearing flowers at marriage ceremonies for fertility and fidelity. It was in the middle ages, brides began carrying strongly scented herbs down the aisle to repel evil spirits.

red calla lily bouquet with two bridesmaids bouquet next to it with blush pink roses and greenery

Herbs made way for flowers when Queen Victoria carried a small bouquet of myrtle from the palace garden at her wedding. Bride’s began choosing flowers for their meaning, then colors.

White and ivory continue to be the most popular flower choice of bride’s. But as Lizzo says – “Love looks better in color” so if you need some color inspiration, here are some colorful wedding bouquets to spice up your wedding.

1. Colorful Pastel Bouquets

If you want to your wedding to feel classic while incorporating color, pastels are perfect. Pastels like peach and mint green give a sense of femininity and softness. Timeless feelings of a lovely Spring wedding.

2. Color as Accents

a bride holding a fall, boho style bouquet  of white and ivory roses, dark orange and golden chrysanthemums, orange leaves, brown protea, and golden wheat

You love a white wedding look and, also love the colorful bouquets you’ve seen on Pinterest? Using color as an accent in your flowers is a beautiful hybrid. Consider getting your color cue from the season. Leaning into the season will give off a luxurious feel without looking dated over time.

3. Sprinkled with White

bride holding a colorful bouquet in shades of red and pink. red gardden roses, blush pink tea roses, ivory roses, and greenery

No more convincing, you’re hooked on having a colorful bouquet. Monochromatic, think all red roses, are a bold look. Sprinkling in some white and few softer shades of your main hue give off a romantic feel. Add some draping greenery, which doesn’t count as color in a bouquet, and you a ready to show stop down the aisle.

3. Rainbow Bouquets

a rainbow color bouquet in jewel tones. red lilies, dark pink roses, orange calla lilies, green berries, yellow sunflowers, and blue filler flowers

Some say less is more. I say MORE IS MORE! And more color is magnetic, stunning, jaw-dropping, all of the things… If you’re a bride that loves color, sparkle, and attention, a rainbow bouquet will draw every eye. A rainbow bouquet can work in ANY season.

Spring – Pastels

Summer – Florescent & Bright

Autumn – Jewel

Winter – Dark & Earthy

No matter the shade, a rainbow bouquet will say to your guests “I promise that you’ll never find another like ME!” – Taylor Swift

4. Temp Toned Colorful Bouquets

a warm colored bouquet of pink, yellow, and purple mums, orange proteas, and greenery resting on  rainbow ribbons, and black sequin  linen sweetheart table

Flowers don’t need white or rainbow to express your personality. A colorful bouquet with a temperature hue will do the trick. If you are a spicy bride ready to have fun, a warm tone bouquet can be excitable. Hot pink, yellow, and orange, like the above photo. If a causal good time is the vibe, cool toned flowers like blue, deep green, and purple, will soak the party in calm.

a purple, white, and green bridal bouquet filling the frame

Don’t be afraid to be a color queen. Plan the wedding you want! Not the one you think you’re supposed to have.

If you’re trying to nail down your wedding look, grab my free Floral Guide by entering your email address at the bottom of this page.

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