5 Introvert Friendly Wedding Ideas

Photo by Aaron Bornfleth

On any wedding day, everyone’s focus is on the couple. Everyone is making sure you’re happy, you have a drink in your hand, you want for nothing. It’s a dream come true. For some. For others, it’s a complete nightmare that keeps them up at night. A traditional wedding is not an introvert friendly wedding. But I am not a traditional wedding planner. As introverted people, you deserve to be just as comfortable and filled with happiness on your wedding day as everyone else.

If you and your fiancé are NOT center-of-attention people, keep reading for 5 Introvert Friendly Wedding Ideas:

1. Micro-Wedding

micro-wedding ceremony with only 14 guests
Photo by Lifelong Photography Studio

Starting with the easiest idea… Have a micro-wedding! Micro-weddings are weddings with less than 50 guests. They started trending in 2020 and haven’t let up. If you are unsure about slashing your guest list, Allow me to reassure you. I ADORE micro-weddings. The warmth and easy familiarity emanating from a scaled down guest list is unmatched. A small amount guests around the tables creates an comfortably intimate atmosphere a large wedding could never achieve. It’s everything a wedding is supposed to feel like. (Bonus, it’s a lot nicer on your budget.)

2. Dinner Alone Together

bride & groom eating appetizers alone
Photo by Iyrus Weddings

If you want to keep the big, traditional guest list, but still want to remove some of that focus – eat dinner alone together. Right after your ceremony, you and your family will be pulled into formal photos while the rest of your guests head to cocktail hour. When cocktail hour is over, dinner begins. And guess what. You don’t have to join them. Talk to your Wedding Coordinator about getting two dinner plates delivered to you in a separate room. This gives you and your new spouse some great alone time, and you won’t have any guests interrupting you while you’re trying to eat. You can join the party whenever you’re ready.

3. Do NOT Announce Cake Cutting

white textured wedding cake on a marble counter
Photo by Right Up Your Allie Photography

There are a million other moments people will be staring at you. This is a moment you can have for yourself. Your guests still might choose to watch from afar but your DJ won’t be pointing a spotlight and saying “hey everyone, watch this!”

This also gives your catering team time to sneak the cake away to slice. Your guests will be occupied toasting you or dancing instead of sitting at their wondering when the cake will be out.

4. Private Vows or Private Dances

This is a trend I hope never goes away! If you are nervous public speaker, have your coordinator schedule a time to exchange your hand-written vows privately. This can be done either during your first look before the ceremony, or in a private room immediately after if you aren’t seeing each other beforehand. I have no doubt you will consider it one of your favorite memories from your wedding day.

bride and groom on a dock over a lake dancing privately with no guests around
Photo by Aaron Bornfleth

This one might seem unconventional but, you can have your first dance, or any of the significant family dances private or unannounced. I wanted to dance with my father on my wedding day. The only thing is, I had never EVER seen him dance. I didn’t care when or how we danced together, all that mattered to me was to share that moment with him. So while all of the guests were eating their salads, my dad and I danced on the other side of the room. Guests could see us but, they weren’t watching us. It was difficult to convince my DJ and Coordinator of the timing but, I don’t regret it. It was everything we both wanted it to be.

5. Irish Goodbye

bride and groom walking away from the camera
Stacy Paul Photography

It’s almost impossible for the star couple to slip out of their wedding unnoticed. You might not get away with a full Irish Introvert Wedding Goodbye but this will come close. Instead of sparklers or streamers, you can mingle out among your guests. There’s no rule saying you need a photo-op grand exit. You can very easily give out a few hugs and “thanks for coming” and slip into a car and go. An Irish or mingling goodbye is even easier if you are spending the night at your venue.

bride & groom on a ferris wheel alone
Photo by Iyrus Weddings

Your wedding day is about you celebrating your love and commitment to each other. You don’t need to share every moment with your guests. Planned private moments will be some of the most important and most memorable from your wedding day. Every couple, even extrovert party people, should add 5-10 minutes of alone time to their timeline.

For more Unique Wedding Ideas, contact Emily or Alexis at Unveiled LLC

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